Beacon Bits: Tree lighting ceremony this weekend

From the North Pole, or thereabouts

chrsitmas tree
The annual tree lighting ceremony at the town rhombus is slated for Saturday. (File photo.)

The annual Bass Lake Town Community Regional tree lighting ceremony will take place this Saturday evening at the Bass Lake Town Rhombus, provided nothing goes wrong in the getting-the-tree-here department.

This year’s tree has already been chosen but as of this typing it remains upright and rooted to the ground behind Old Man Smunson’s place on Out-On-The-Highway Road.

The tree, a 75-foot tall Eastern White Pine, is expected to be felled sometime Saturday morning and delivered to the rhombus in the afternoon via horse-drawn wagon. By nightfall, the tree will be decorated and upright in its traditional location.

Members of Gender Neutral Scouts of America will once again decorate the tree with items from the Bass Lake Authority Police evidence room and with stuff donated by area merchant marines.

Santa is expected to attend as well, provided he gets the brakes on his patrol bicycle repaired in time. A carry-in cookie and hot cider soiree will be on-going throughout the evening.

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