7 things to avoid missing

Monthly planner, November 2014:

It's November again.
It’s November again.

Nov. 2: Spring forward in reverse, 2 a.m. (1 a.m. on east coast, meaning midnight).
Nov. 6: Career Fair, featuring Jen’s Ribbon Cutting and 11 other local businesses, 8 a.m-12:45 p.m., Bass Lake University concourse; bring a resume to pass.
Nov. 8: Bass Lake Post-Harvest Festival Afternoon, 12:01-6 p.m., Granary Row; activities planned.
Nov. 14-15: “Glengarry Glen Ross Jr.,” Bass Lake Elementary fall play, 3 p.m., school stage-a-torium; play involves pre-mature content.
Nov. 16: Frozen-turkey hunt, noon-1 p.m., Bass Lake still-unnamed community park.
Nov. 21: All-you-can-eat TBA, 5-7 p.m., 102 Bingo-Parlor Lane, Nearbytown.
Nov. 26: “Thanksgiving Eve Showcase on the Bayou,” 6 p.m., Funky’s on the Bayou, featuring Local Cover Band, with opening acts Opening Act to Be Named Later, and The Ungratefully Dead Autumn Trees. Happy hour special: 2-for-1 cranberry shooters.




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