Weather tests amateur prognosticators

By Al Schwartz | Beacon correspondent and Bass Lake Poet Laureate

Dead leaves fall and cold winds blow
Change stops the rain and change starts the snow
Off to South Florida snow birds will go
But when oh when we all want to know

Al Schwartz (Alma Ailing)

And thus begins the annual question that hunkers on the lips of every Bass Lake resident. And thus begins the annual contest to see which Bass Lake resident can accurately predict to the nearest hour when the first snow of the season will whiten our world.

But this year the Beacon Contest* Czar has added a new twist: predict the date of the final rain of the year.

While everyone will know the first snow when it flutters to the ground, no one will know until the end of the year when the last raindrop has fallen.

Send your prediction to:
Al Schwartz, Bass Lake Poet Laureate
C/O The Bass Lake Beacon (via the contact form below)

And may the best guess win!


*Contest rules: All precipitation must be witnessed by Al Schwartz and confirmed by Al Schwartz. Winner(s) will receive a Bass Lake Beacon coffee mug. (Please indicate size. Sizes available: Mug)

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