Theft of potato chips probed

By Max Fontaine | Investigative reporter

chips wavy
Multiple bags of chips were stolen from a local outlet, according to police. (Surveillance photo).

In a recent case of snack-food larceny, at least two bags of potato chips were reported missing from the shelves at Bass Lake Inn/Convenience Store.

The incident or incidents occurred sometime between July 31 and Sept. 12, according to police reports.

The case is under investigation by Michiana Highway and Street Patrol, which trumps local jurisdiction due to the pending indictment against BLAP chief Tug McNabb.

Inn/Convenience owner Clem Brickston said suspicious thievery came to light during a quarterly review of inventory and routine accounting practices, following a company-wide audit.

“Products disappear sometimes, and that’s normal,” Brickston said. “But outright stealing — that’s unusual.”

The bags are described as foil-like and blue in color, about eight inches tall and weighing 8 ounces. Each has a street value of $2.45. They sometimes go by the alias “Wavy.”

No suspects have been identified. All store employees have been questioned, according to the street patrol, and have been eliminated as perpetrators.

“That means somebody from beyond the store committed the crime,” said McNabb, who is legally prohibited from commenting on current police procedure, according to terms of the indictment.

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