Recipe: Brisk fall-time fall-off-the-rib ribs

By Laurel and Marty Princeworth | Beacon contributors

Pile of ribs. (Rib-Pile Promotion Service)

3 to 4 pounds baby-back ribs (or more), uncooked
Rub (see “rub” below)
“Ah, There’s the” rub: Salt, black pepper, crushed red pepper, smashed sea salt, onion powder, garlic powder, baby-back powder, paprika, Worcestershire.
Sauce: Barbecue sauce, your choice, the better the better.

Apply the rub. Line sheet-pan with foil. Preheat oven until it glows. Cook (the) ribs for several hours. Do not undercook. When meat is cooked through (use thermometer), remove and slather with the sauce. Stick back into oven and continue process. Discard rub. Serve with string beans, chick peas, corn oil, cole slaw or other side dish.

Approximately 8.45.





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