Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 9/29 – 10/3 2014

pol pot roast
Pol Pot roast.

Hot dog crumble
Potato-eye soup
Trowel berries
Onion pops
Orange Julius Erving


Pol Pot roast
Prescription jumble
Shallow-fried Instagram salad
Popcorn flavored air
Milk-delineated poultry juice

Lark’s tongue in aspic
Cheese-flavored brick
Carrot shaft
Lap-dance yummies
Nincowpoop juice

Nearby cow patty w/bun
Bifurcated-pea soup
Dribble crumpet cabbage slaw
Fishbowl dredge icies
Pulled punch

Spaghetti Western
Apple plate-bowl
Refrigerator puree pops
Liquid of choice


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