Next Month Now! Apple Day planned

By Clara Glendale | Paid Staff Contributor

Apples are the expected focus next month in and around Bass Lake.  (Grandma “Granny” Smith preserves).

The inaugural “Apple Day” is planned for sometime in early October, according to a Bass Lake community steering committee.

“Everyone loves apples,” said committee member Corey Crawford. “That’s why we think this will be a major success. There’s no other reason to believe it will succeed, until we know if and when it succeeds. Want a brochure?”

The festival is tentatively set for Oct. 4.

Freak-snow-date: Oct. 11.

Planned attractions include an apple-bob, apple-pie pie sale, crowning of Queen Bee-Cider Self and the “soon-to-be-famous” applesauce-toss.

Door prize raffle: A pair of paring knives.

Admission is free, with donation of a basket or bag of apples. Buckets-of-apples will be confiscated immediately by Bass Lake Authority Police. Those contributions will be donated to a local fruit-bank, to fund educational activities.

This is the steering committee’s first major project. Its initial minor project was a failed attempt at “Apricot Afternoon” in 2012.

BONUS: Bass Lake University football team takes on Indianapolis-Vonnegut later that day, for those interested. BLU Schedule



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