BLU football: Beaver a 13.5-point underdog

Courtesy distant friends of the former sports reporting staff

Dice and Poker Chips
“No dice”: BLU isn’t expected to win this weekend. But who knows? (Courtesy CasiNo/Chance)

(Las) Vegas has declared Bass Lake University a 13.5-point “dog” for Saturday’s matchup at Eastern West Virginia, according to offshore reports.

As of Tuesday, nobody had admitted to gambling or “placing any kind of wager” on the game’s outcome (at least not “locally”), so the line has failed to move, sources close to the situation said, pleading for anonymity.

Bass Lake head coach Jean-Paul Kierkegaard was not available for comment, according to Bass Lake University director of athletics Helen Sanderstroms, who said the “odds are low” that he would respond.

BLU QB out for season
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