Update: Street work extension extended

By Clara Glendale| Covering someone else’s assignment

Minor street work in Bass Lake has turned into less-than-minor street work in Bass Lake.

Bass Lake’s infrastructure maintenance crew has hit another hiccup in a minor street project that began in May at the corner of 1st Street and Second Avenue, a job that was then continued in July.

The project, funded through the street-project short-term fund, has lagged behind schedule, town officials said.

Brie Gizzings, office assistant for mayor-by-default Delores Denominator, said routine maintenance has led to bigger issues.

“We think the crew may have dug too deep, and severed some telephone cables that haven’t been active since the 1970s,” Gizzings said. “So everything is on hold.”

Street crews don’t believe the new challenge will present any further challenges, but they “want to remain cautious,” Gizzings said after asking Denominator if it was OK to say that.

Gizzings concluded by ensuring the public that the project should conclude by the end of September.

“Semptember of this year,” she encouraged.

No detours are planned.

“People can continue to drive around it,” said Nels “Commander” Nelson, part-time crew supervisor, in a possibly now-outdated statement.


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