Resident of the Year a no-show, again

guy soundguy mixing board
Guy Soundguy’s mixing board.

By Al Schwartz | Bass Lake Poet Laureate and Past Resident of the Year

Ode to the Tides of Summer

When daylight lingers
And children’s fingers
Fumble with frogs and melons

When screen doors slam
And strawberry jam
Softens the hearts of felons

When mosquitoes swarm
And friendships form
Over iced-tea and friendly Helens

It’s then that drummers
Herald the tides of summers
With sticks of Janet Yellen’s

I was supposed read this poem, Ode to the Tides of Summer, during my introduction of the 2014 Bass Lake Resident of the Year, Guy Soundguy. But alas and alack, Mr. Soundguy has vanished once again. Where are your whereabouts, Mr Soundguy?

Rumours and clues swirl over this most recent disappearance of the knob wizard for Local Cover Band, Bass Lake’s most enduring cover band.  Perhaps lonesome Guy is off in some corner devising new gadgets for the band. Perhaps he’s gone off on one of famous benders and is sleeping it off in the shed of some local writer. Perhaps Guy Soundguy has shuffled off this mortal coil never to twist his knobs again. Whatever the case, he is, and will be missed. Guy Soundguy, if you are reading this, we have your town key. We have it even if you aren’t reading this.

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