Festival update: Fireworks canceled

By Max Fontaine | Hard-news entertainment reporter

Plans for a fireworks display have gone “boom” for this year’s festival.

A show-stopping fireworks display planned for tonight at Bass Lake Pre-Mid-Summer Festival Week Days has been canceled.

Reason for cancellation, according to organizers, is “lack of enough fireworks.”

Bass Lake Town Council budgeted for fireworks in late-2013, during the festival planning phase. Initial investigation by the Beacon — mainly me — shows much of that money was diverted to the helicopter-purchase fund.

Council officials could not be reached for comment, since they were highly involved in the festival parade.

Not all is lost for festival-goers. As a stop-gap measure, the Town Helicopter will be decorated with Christmas lights and flown over the lake area around dusk, piloted by Police Authority Chief Tug McNabb.

Clara Glendale added that last part to provide “positive balance.”




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