Gardener of the Month: Emogene Jones

By Lily McIntosh | Gardening correspondent

yellow paint
A neighbor of this month’s Gardener of the Month has developed a “garden feel” without gardening.

Garden of the Month recipient Emogene Jones has planted only lavender flowers this season, in honor of her dearly departed aunt, Lilac Jones.

Nearby, Stephanie Waller painted her home pink and her driveway yellow, to render the “feel” of a flower garden, without the annoyance of weeding and watering.

Jeremiah Saddle, who resides between Jones and Waller, recently let his grass grow beyond the city ordinance, to a length of more than six inches. Local officials immediately spotted the offense: Jones and Waller each placed a high-tech yard stick in their lots next to his. When Saddle’s grass exceeds 6 inches, lawn alerts on the yard sticks begin flashing and a buzzer sounds.

The annual Bass Lake Garden Club fundraiser, set for July, will include a silent auction in memory of Lilac Jones. Among the items up for auction are yard alarms, and pink and yellow paint.

Curalee Rosier contributed to this report.

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