Fall fundraiser pie ‘still hasn’t arrived’

A Bass Lake scout-girl fundraiser has gone awry for one local club supporter. (Not actual pies).
A Bass Lake scout-girl fundraiser has gone awry for a local club supporter. (Not actual pies).

By Kristie Staphryder | Beacon staff writer

Melda Baltic, 30 block of 2nd street, still awaits delivery of a “Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie” she ordered last October from a door-to-door first-grader in local Scout Girls Club, Local #54.

“I’m always willing to support our community kids, their camps and trips and things,” said Baltic, 66. “But I gave the little girl a check for $11 seven months ago. Where’s the pie already?”

Club authorities insist the delivery-omission was a technicality — technically speaking.

“This was only the second year that we — the club — recorded orders on a mobile device,” said Scout Girls Club local master Karyn Karen, by word-of-mouth. “The battery may have went (sic) dead before she finished up the transaction. Either way, the girl is no longer a member, effective today. Or maybe next Tuesday.”

The young salestress was not identified.

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As a good-will gesture, Karen agreed to provide a pie, similar to the one pictured in the brochure, and give it to Baltic, free of charge, then donate proceeds to the club on Baltic’s behalf.

That message was immediately relayed to Baltic by the Beacon.

“OK, that’s fine,” Baltic said. “When’s the pie getting here? I have company coming.”

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