First-graders capture kick-ball title

By Jillian Fontaine | Beacon sixth-grade intern

homeplateBass Lake Elementary’s first-grade team won the young-BLE kickball title Friday, drubbing the hapless kindergarten team, 17-1.

The game was called in the fifth inning due to lateness.

“Wooo-woeeeooo!” screamed first-grade cleanup kicker Aiden Shawshank at the conclusion of the game. “Weee kicked ’em!”

Shawshank was named most-valuable player for the first-graders (1-0), after a 6-for-6 performance at the plate. His inside-the-playground grand-slam in the bottom of the first inning put the team ahead for good. He also was starting pitcher, earning credit for a win and a save.

Kindergarten’s lone run came on an error in the third inning, “because Isabella can’t catch or throw or do anything right she shouldn’t be on the team I said so before,” according to Caden Logan, distraught first-baseman for kindergarten (0-1).

Shawshank, 8, also garnered MVP honors in the 2013 tournament, prior to being “held back” in the aftermath of sub-par classroom performance.

Members of the winning team will get a pizza/ice cream party sometime soon, the coach-teachers said. Members of the runner-up team receive consolation certificates.

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