Barbecued chicken inadvertently served at recently-recent broasted-chicken event

By Clara Glendale | Hard news dinner circuit

BBQ chicken
Not the expected form of chicken that was expected.

A semi-weekly dinner at the Big VFW Hall on Main Street Avenue brought confusion and minor disdain Friday, when barbecued chicken was served instead of broasted chicken, as had been advertised.

“It’s an outrage,” said Rosemary Jankowsi, a frequent diner at the dine-in dinner. “I do like the B-B-Q, yeah, but (c’mon!), I came to get broasted!”

After the mix-up was brought to the attention of organizers, an apology was issued via microphone to ease the turmoil.

But one attendee said the PA-system “was cutting out pretty bad,” making much of the announcement inaudible. He or she begged to remain anonymous, for fear of banishment from future meal gatherings.

Even with the menu error, sales were “brisk,” to paraphrase a source near the door.

Max Fontaine assisted with copy editing for this report.

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