Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 4/14 – 4/18 2014

Palm fritters w/bun
Ass fries
Disciple cakes
Brocc-holy chips
Sacrificial milk

Zealot stew
Deep fried sand wedgies
Rabbit food
Bunny pie
Milk of joy

Caiaphas casserole
Mount of Olives olives
Deep-fried Cheesus nuggets
Flurry of the marketplace flurries
Get-out-of-my-temple milk slushies

Traitor burger w/rope
Thirty-pieces of silver dollar pancake chips
Gethsemane cabbage blend
Last chance brownies
Cup of sacrificial cow blood

Crown-of-Thorns dippers
Pilate peas
Hard-boiled egg
Three-day bread

Meet our kitchen staff!

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