‘Teacher of the Day’ award is just about ready to get going at Bass Lake Elementary

By Swanson Beaumont | Beacon education reporter

Beginning next fall — this coming fall, fall of 2014 — a “Teacher of the Day” awarded will be initiated at Bass Lake Elementary.

Approval by Bass Lake School Board of Education is pending, but sources close to the board say passage is “absolute.” 

An engraved trophy will be awarded each day to a teacher who “goes above and beyond his or her duties, relative to general career-long expectations.” A ceremony will be held in the administrative office, with light refreshments available.

Daily winners also receive a special parking spot, designated by a special marble plaque.

Funding for the award will come from the general-funding and salary-funding fund.

Substitute teachers are not eligible for the award.

Plans for the prestigious bestowal were spearheaded by assistant principal Joyce Givens, a management team at Bass Lake Trophies and Engraving and two first-year third-grade teachers.

The accolade is intended to replace a longtime recognition tradition at Bass Lake Elementary, “Veteran Educator of the Year.”

  • Related: Ten teaching positions in the Bass Lake school system will be eliminated, effective Sept. 1, due to budget cuts.

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