Forrest Bunkard, degree-holder and archivist, announces candidacy for regional seat

By Jackson Frolic | Senior Editor

Sometime writer and local intellectual Forrest Bunkard has announced he is running as a write-in candidate for Michiana regional representative.

Bunkard, 45, has announced such things in the past, but this time he’s officially doing it.

“It’s hat-into-ring-throwing time,” Bunkard said in a one-on-one interview at Uptown Coffee-Doughnuts-Gift Baskets. “It’s finally time to spark change in (the) political arena.”

Bunkard, Semi-Libertarian—Uptown, will attempt to unseat longtime incumbent Patricia “Pat” Fitzpatrick, 71, Farmers/Merchants Party—Nearbytown.

Bunkard holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science and English from Bass Lake University, a Master of General Studies in history from Midwest School of Intellect and an advanced degree in media studies and popular culture from Online College of the Americas. He is presently employed as an administrative assistant at Bass Lake Inn-Convenience Store, works part-time as archivist at Bass Lake Public/Private Library and temporarily served as a free-lance Beacon columnist early last month.

Proclaiming he is ready for the challenge of public office, Bunkard plans to run on a “platform of nuance.”

“It’s like Theodore Roosevelt playing strong safety for the 1976 Oakland Raiders,” Bunkard said.

He urged support from registered voters in his bid for the highest seat in the general Bass Lake area.

“If I am elected, I will work diligently to erase misgivings of the past and sculpt a better tomorrow,” he said. “My goal is to be Marty McFly reincarnated as Gutzon Borglum.”

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