Auditions Set

From Stuff Found Under the Fax Machine

Area piano players get ready! Limber up those ivory ticklers and stop by the Bass Lake Inn-Convenience Store to audition for the coveted job of piano player at the Bass Lake Inn-Convenience Store.

Owner Clem Brikston, in a press release, said the  piano man (or woman) job will be a wonderful addition to the new upscale atmosphere of the lakeside mainstay.

“We have a piano. Now all we need is someone to play it,” Brickston said.

Brickston said he is hoping to find someone with the mass appeal of John Tesh and the humorous stylings of Chico Marx.

“We are going to class up the joint,” Brickston said.

Auditions will be held Sunday, March 23 beginning at 5 p.m. and going until the position is filled.

“It’s a great day for the Bass Lake Inn-Convenience store!” Brickston exclaimed.

Please run this immediately!
Thank you.
Clem Brickston, Owner
March 20, 2014

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