Town council meeting agenda divulged

Bass Lake Town Council Agenda
for March 17, 2014

I. Gavel-banging

II. Invocation

III. Pledge of allegiance

IV. ”Battle Hymn of the Republic,” feat. Ashlee-Megan McNabb

V. Unfinished business

A. Approval of previous meeting minutes
B. Affirmation of approval of minutes

VI. Refinished business

A. Presentation of new door locks for town hall
B. Presentation of keys to the city
C. Citizen request for inaugural art-related festival:

1. Presentation and description of proposal
2. Council Q&A/commentary
3. Pre-dismissal

VII. Spring break

VIII. 10-minute debate between Bass Lake Sidewalk Merchants and Bass Lake Sidewalk Beautification and Replacement Committee 

IX. Public comment

X. Show & tell

XI. Adjournment


By Clara Glendale | Beacon Reports


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