3 scolded in medication raid, then let go

Three Bass Lake-area youth got into trouble this week after a vehicle search revealed suspicious medication, in the aftermath of a routine traffic stop.

The incident occurred at approximately 10:07 p.m. Tuesday on Sidestreet Street. Officers from Bass Lake Police Authority’s second shift stopped a vehicle for a possible taillight violation after one of the vehicle’s taillights was witnessed not working by on-duty officers, who were following from the rear in a squad car.

Almost immediately, police became suspicious and requested a court-approved warrant for permission to search the vehicle. The request was permitted as warranted.

An investigation near the glove compartment yielded a bottle of 45 over-the-counter pills and a factory-sealed container of flaxseed oil, believed to have been packaged for sale. Investigators also located a pre-GPS-era map of Wyoming and a garbage disposal in the trunk, near the rear of the transportation unit.

Once officers confirmed that no serious threat of violence was imminent, a ticket was issued to each of the subjects, three males between ages 16 and 17, who were told by officers to be more careful, going forward.

The garbage disposal was released to the custody of its owner.

The boys, two of them minors and one a major, were advised they could continue to their planned destinations using the former suspect vehicle in question, without further incident.

Items obtained in the court-ordered raid became the exclusive property of the regional Pills And Public Seizure Unit. They may be made available at the next quarterly pharmacists’ auction.

No injuries were reported. Appropriate family members have been notified.

Bass Lake Fire and Emergency Institute assisted at the crime scene.

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