Benefit-for-a-cause: Pie bake-off/rummage-sale deadline is quickly approaching

By Clara Glendale * Community-support alert

A pie bake-off/rummage sale will take place March 15 at St. Methodist Catholic Church, near Bass Lake. Event begins at half-past 10 and continues until 2:45 on that day.

Pie contest is open to the public.

“The entire event is,” said organizer the Rev. Father Dr. John Paul Wesley Jr., laughing.

To register for the pie-making square-off, send a personal check for $5.45, along with cover letter, resume and list of references, to the church front-office.

Deadline is next week just before midnight.

“Sharp,” Wesley emphasized.

Pre-finalists will be notified by any means necessary. Pies made primarily of uncooked pudding are prohibited or, at minimum, looked-down-upon.

To donate goods for the rummage sale, call the back-office.

“This is a good way to get rid of your goods,” said Wesley’s ex-girlfriend-to-be.

Proceeds from the fundraiser go toward expenses for food, activities and chaperoning at the church’s annual sect-crossover youth camp, scheduled for late-June/early-August at a local campground.

Winner of the “pie-off” will have a few dollars donated toward the cause in his or her name, and receive a free pie.

Rummage sale donors get nothing.

Clara Glendale is senior-writer of human-interest/lifestyle/living for the Beacon.
She often receives press kits in the mail.

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