Beacon celebrates National President Month with annual Presidential Biography Contest

By A. Finn Moss * Beacon Staff Writer

Little Canoes, listen up! It’s time to get your Annual Presidential Biography Contest writing hats on.

That’s right, it’s time once again for the 33rd Annual Bass Lake Beacon Presidential Biography Contest. Now in its 33rd year, the annual contest challenges all Bass Lake Elementary School fifth-graders to pick their favorite president and compose a 45-word biography of that favorite president’s life in celebration of February, which is National President Month.

The contest was the brainchild of the late Elmer Scluebottle, a longtime fifth-grader. Scluebottle birthed his brainchild after reading a 75-word biography of Reginald Q. Bass, III, whose daring 1937 bid for the highest office in the land cemented Bass Lake’s place in the history of presidential politics.

Bass, great-great-great grandson of Reginald Q. Bass Jr., who in 1581 started the first settlement at this watery outpost and from whom Bass Lake derives its name, lost the nomination of the Do Nothing Party by the narrowest of margins. Though he ran unopposed, Bass failed to garner a single vote, even his own, choosing instead to abide by the tenets of the party he created. It is the legacy of Reginald Q. Bass III, as well as the legacy of the tenacious Elmer Scluebottle and his love of history that we at the Bass Lake Beacon celebrate.

Contest finalists will have their biographies published in the Beacon. A carry-in reception will follow in the elementary multi-purpose room.

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