TED and Breakfast

From staff reports

Members of the Bass Lake Bed & Breakfast, Inn – Convenience Store, Locally-Sourced-Food, Restaurant and Bar Coalition (BLBBI-CSL-S-FRBC) have announced plans to combine the popular TED Talk concept with the Bed & Breakfast model so popular these days.

Dubbing the events BED Talks, BLBBI-CSL-S-FRBC co-chairperson Jarl Gøèwj¢öfurƛƷ˂ʥērs, Jr., proprietor, with his wife Betsy Johnson-Gøèwj¢öfurƛƷ˂ʥērs, at Twin Nut Farms, said the idea is to have unrecognized experts in non-existent fields of research and study give 20 minute lectures from the comfort of a locally-sourced, organic mattress.

“We have so much to learn from everyday people like you and me,” Gøèwj¢öfurƛƷ˂ʥērs said. “Why not learn it in welcoming, natural surroundings with a good cup of fair-trade coffee and freshly baked sustainable muffins on the side? We think it’s an idea whose time has come.”

Clem Brickston, who owns the Bass Lake Inn-Convenience Store, agrees.

“I agree,” Brickston said.

The first so-called BED Talk will feature Bass Lake ice-fishing legend Cornwall “Spud” Buckminster. Buckminster will discuss the similarities between ice-fishing and shuttle diplomacy and how combining the two will lead to world peace without anyone even noticing.

The BED Talk is scheduled for Wednesday, January 29 at 5:30 a.m. Tickets are available at any BLBBI-CSL-S-FRBC location.

“We are extremely activated by the opportunity to advance the quality of existence here on lifeship Gaia in a manner which is at once sustainable and locally-sourced, non-violent and organic, forward-thinking and backward-glancing,” Gøèwj¢öfurƛƷ˂ʥērs said. “Cash only, please.”


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