Mounds of snow threaten Bass Lake pedestrians

By Max Fontaine * hard-nose beat reporter

A recent blizzard that swept through Bass Lake over the weekend left behind large, unruly mounds of snow.

The mounds, some towering as much as 10 feet in height and weighing more than several tons, have threatened pedestrians and non-foot-bound individuals. Reports of mounds encroaching onto sidewalks and nudging passersby into the street have left shoppers wary and shopkeepers looking for answers.

Cooper Sanderstroms, owner of Cooper’s Coops and Chicken Accessories on Trout Lane, said one mound threatened his family. “I was walking with my wife and kids, because, you know, the schools are closed and me and the Mrs. both work at the shop so we didn’t have anywhere to leave the kids, when out of nowhere this pile of snow came hurtling toward us,” Sanderstroms said. “It nearly shoved Cooper Jr. into the street right when a bread truck was going by. Right in front of my shop. In broad daylight.”

One man walking near the Bass Lake Inn-Convenience Store said he was nearly swallowed whole by one of the fluffy hooligans. “I was just strolling along, minding my own business, when suddenly I found myself waist-deep in a mound of snow,” said Bass Lake resident Ross Pister. “I thought I was a goner.”

Police Chief Tug McNabb has ordered increased patrols but said there is little his officers can do. “They don’t respond to verbal communication and Tasers have little impact on them,” McNabb said. “I’ve requested flame throwers from Homeland Security. Unless we get them soon we may have no choice but to wait until spring.”

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