Quotes of the Month: February 2015

From Beacon napkin-scribblings

Bass Lake Beacon notable quotables, February 2015:

Apparently Mandarin Oranges (Apparently Mandarin Oranges)
Apparently Mandarin Oranges. (Apparently Mandarin Oranges)

“Our fish don’t speak Mandarin.”
— Shane McVanDerKamp, proprietor, Bass Lake Fish ‘n’ Boat

“It’s a way to honor the birth of Jesus and the Executive Branch, at the same time.”
— Flip Alabama, record producer/ex-football coach

“Then Jenny snickered … five.”
— Corrine James, co-host, Bass Lake Travel Club

“Krem cared deeply about feet. His favorite saying was ‘toenails are the windows to the toes.’ How true.”
— Jay Bippler, trustee, board of directors, Regional Corporate Hospital

“There is no chance of something like that happening again.”
— Yvonne T’Notherchance, a dance committee chairperson

“I ask that these charges be dismissed, given the evolutionary makeup of my client.”
—Dr. Rocky Atticus, PhD, squirrel attorney

“… There are still four more weeks of winter, if we can trust the groundog-day groundhog.”
— Olden A. Goodway, clerk-treasurer, Town of Bass Lake

“Quotes of the Month” is sponsored by several members of the Uptown Business Authority, as well as wealthy Bass Lake-area retirees who like to read quotations.

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