Hospital publicist releases statement on Greebler passing

From the desk of the Regional Corporate Hospital publicist

RCH publicist
The desk of the Regional Corporate Hospital publicist. (RCH publicist)

The sudden and shocking death of Regional Corporate Hospital chief executive officer and CEO Krem Greebler came as sudden and shocking news to the 45 employees here at Regional Corporate Hospital.

As CEO and chief executive officer Krem Greebler was a beloved figure to many here at RCH, who often referred to him as the Krem de la crème of recent chief executive officers.

The several weeks each year he spent “on-site” overseeing the daily operations of RCH are surely among the fondest memories recalled by those of us who remember when he visited. His fearless leadership brought RCH into the rankings of the top hospitals in the zip code. He will be missed. But he won’t be forgotten.

At an emergency meeting of the board of trustees of RCH, held moments after the sudden and shocking news, it was decided that the new foot fungus wing of RCH would be named for CEO Greebler. The Krem Greebler Foot Fungus Institute, previously to be called the Institute for Dealing with Foot Fungus, will be dedicated to Krem upon completion of the wing sometime in the next few years.

“Krem cared deeply about feet,” said trustee Jay Bippler. “His favorite saying was ‘toenails are the windows to the toes.’ How true.”

A carry-in memorial supper is planned for Sunday, February 8 at 10 am in the  non-denominational RCH Chapel of the Sweet Mother of Jesus. (Note: Corn chips are not considered a dish to pass.)


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