Quotes of the Month: November 2014

Compiled by Beacon people

LOGO-Beacon-thumbnailBass Lake Beacon notable quotables from November 2014:

“I took out all the stories involving drug use and cow-tipping and just included his more slightly less illegal activities.”
— Jan Flug, Bass Lake High School drama teacher, and playwright/director of “Lawrence of Michiana”

“These kids learned a lot, and they’re still just that — good kids that learned a lot.”
— Zeb Dreppelin, head football coach, Bass Lake High School

“She is a plea-bargained scofflaw.”
— Enos Felger, D-Dave’s house, re: Delores Denominator.

“This would seldom if ever happen in Wisconsin.”
— Polly Wonk, visiting professor in the local issues department, Bass Lake University

“The stolen snapshots are mostly party shots, most of them just a bunch of my friends and me doing party shots.”
— Celeste O. McDuffy, soon-to-be erstwhile art gallery owner

“Other years were better, but some were worse.”
— Jennifer Sparkle, coordinator, Post-Harvest Festival Afternoon

“We’re running out of tine.”
—  Russel Enfall, crew chief, Bass Lake leaf recovery

‘The damn thing is in an extended-stay hotel in a different time zone. We have to go.”
— Chiou Yueh, acting chief, Bass Lake Authority Police

“Water works great to curtail fire — it’s like rock-paper-scissors.”
— Skippy Jenson, singer/vocalist, Local Cover Band







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