Fishing report: Assessing the summer season

From fish reports

fishing pic
Kevin (not her real name) reels in something on Bass Lake, Aug. 14, 2014. (Someone nearby with iPhone photo)

How good was fishing on Bass Lake during summer 2014?

At least one local expert proclaims, “We don’t know enough yet.”

“None of us can say,” said Gil Chantee, lake-area seasonal historian and chief of fisheries science at Bass Lake Center for Fish and Sundry Wildlife. “If you can wait until about mid-January, I might be able to tell you.”

An avid fishermen who was interviewed specifically for this story summarized the season as “god-danged decent.”

“Good, real good,” said Garvin Goode, 61. “Not bad at all. Good. Not great, but good. Not bad at all. Not bad. Good.”

Although Chantee had no immediate assessment, he did provide fishing statistics from summer 2012. Numbers are based solely on word-of-mouth.

Largemouth bass caught: 37
Smallmouth bass hoisted and released: 4
Medium-mouth bass: Less than zero
Crappie/sunfish/perch: 124
Snapping turtles pointed at: 1.5
Plastic lures hung-up in trees: 7
Errant casts by 10-year-old boys resulting in hooks embedded in a friend’s cheek: 27
Filet knives sharpened: Many
Fishing blogs started by frustrated anglers: 2
Volume of beer accidentally spilled into tackle boxes (estimated): 345 ounces

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