Quotes of the Month: July 2014

Compiled by Clara Glendale’s friend | Beacon archivist’s friend

Bass Lake Beacon notable quotables from July 2014:

“The record player ran backward at slow speed. The song sounded familiar. Then I realized it was the middle section of ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ where the tempo picks up a bit. I couldn’t believe my ears.”
— Ned Dreppelin, Led Zeppelin fanatic

“Our group became a shell of its former self.”
— Shelly Chelonian, ex-chairwoman, former Turtle Collectors Club

“I’m fed up with these stupid food names and having to turn to the internet to find out what the hell my kid is eating … I’m just thankful my kid can’t read.”
— Steve Stroganoff, parent of BLE student

“People can continue to drive around it.”
— Nels “Commander” Nelson, part-time crew supervisor

“My favorite part was when the helicopter plunged into the lake. What a finale!”
— Dwayne Clarkstead, Bass Lake

“I just hope a lot of people show up — but not too many.”
— Garth Jimmerschmidt, co-organizer, Bass Lake Outdoor-Music-Live!

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