Recipe: Summer summer-melt

measuring spoons
Bowl and measuring spoons may be a color other than orange.

By Laurel and Marty Princeworth | Beacon contributors

Essential elements:

  • Seasonal vegetables (in season)
  • Cheese (two half-pints)
  • Melted cheese (to taste)
  • Bowl, spoon, fork, baking pan and possibly a knife
  • Seasonal seasonings

Instructions: Chop or slice vegetables into 1/4-inch chunks. Steam. Pat dry. Add water. Rinse. Dab with seasoning. Melt unmelted cheese. Mix melted cheese and melted unmelted-cheese in a bowl. Separate. Chill. Combine divided cheeses. Mix self a whiskey-sour. Surf web for 15 minutes. Toss veggies into mixed-cheese mixture. Sprinkle with shredded cheese (not listed). Place in baking pan. Stir. Top with leftover ingredients. Preheat oven for 250 degrees. Bake for 15 minutes; when oven is finished baking, insert veggie-cheese dish and heat until hot. Remove from oven. Cool. Cool? Cool! Serve with mixed vegetable-cheese dessert (recipe available in Beacon print edition only — in September).

Number of servings: About as many as you might expect.

Nutrition information: We have no idea.

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