Beacon Bits: ‘Week of No Events’ begins Sunday

Via staff reports

Timing is everything. (Courtesy Switzerland Timekeepers Society)
It’s that time of year: 5:39:52. (Courtesy Switzerland Timekeepers Society)

“Week of No Events,” observed by some Bass Lake area residents as an annual seven-day period free of scheduling boundaries, gets rolling Sunday.

The concept was inspired by Garthland Stressor, who died in 1989 of a rare medical anomaly, Chronic Anticipation Syndrome, or “C.A.S” for short, as you might imagine.

In 1996, after several years of planning, the Stressor family initiated Week of No Events in his honor, to “take a break” from excessive structure. “Dad used to say he wished he could take a week off and let life unfold naturally,” said Garthland’s eldest daughter, Steve. “But something always came up.”

“Week of No Events” begins at 12:45 p.m. (sharp!) Sunday with a luncheonette party at
St. Methodist Catholic Church, following the weekly worship service. Attendance at the worship service is not required, but highly encouraged, by God.

Also on the no-event agenda throughout the week: A motorbike rally, art show, tractor-pull, cookout, paddleboat race and competitive cheer competition.

Registration is required for all activities. Mark your calendars.

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